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Summer Reading & Math Assignments

2017 Summer Reading Assignments


Summer Reading Assignments for Honors and ECE English classes:

Grade 9 Honors - The Secret Life of Bees

Grade 10 Honors - The Alchemist

Grade 11 Honors - Huckleberry Finn

UCONN ECE - Beowulf and Grendel

UCONN ECE American Studies - Slave Narratives

Summer Reading Assignment for all WHS students

Your summer reading assignment is to read at least one book.  The book(s) you choose must be on your grade level.  The links below can help you choose an appropriate book.  On your return to school next year, you will be asked to write the title of the book(s) you read and turn it into Mrs. Bartlett in room B212 by September 29th.  Your incentive for following through with this assignment will be a coupon for a personal size pizza at Five Guys Flippin Pies & a onetime free entry to a home athletic event.

Book Title List to hand in to Mrs. Bartlett

YALSA 2017 Best Fiction for Young Adults


Scholastic Common Core Booklists 




Math Summer Assignments 2017

Algebra I C&CR Letter 2017

Algebra I Honors Letter 2017

Algebra I C&CR and Honors Summer Assignment 2017 

Algebra II C&CR Summer Assignment 2017

Algebra II Honors Summer Assignment 2017

Functions & Trig Summer Assignment 2017

Geometry C&CR Summer Assignment 2017

Geometry Honors Summer Assignment 2017

             Geormetry Honors Cover Page

             Geometry Honors Part I

             Geometry Honors Part II

Pre-Calculus C&CR Summer Assignment 2017

Pre-Calculus Honors Cover Page 2017

Pre-Calculus Honors Summer Assignment 2017

Topics in Calculus Summer Assignment 2017

UCONN ECE Calc 1131Q Summer Assignment 2017

UCONN ECE Stats 1100Q Summer Assignment 2017